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Welcome to the tiny world of PPFNP
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Updated: May 13, 2018

out now:
Reissue of PURE 08 VOCOKESH - Seeing It From The Other side LP
There was a need for this reissue cause the original release (200 copies) was sold out in about 3 weeks back in 2011. Over the last years a lot of people asked about tthis release and now I can ooffer a small run (150 copies) reissue with a different cover, a different kind of outfit and in beautiful green vinyl.

VOCOKESH - Vibe CDR (FOR 13) Reissue of 2003 CDR
Release-page later.

VOCOKESH - Upon Further Examination CDR (FOR 14) Reissue of 2005 CDR
Release-page later.
nearly sold out:

ONE LAST REGION - A Gallery Of Incongruencies CDR
members of F/i (FOR 11)

HYPERBUBBLE - Pretty Plastic CD (FOR 10)
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F/i - MOLIRE CORPUS TUUM EX SOMNO, VIR MORTUE! LP (PURE 17) Released in two differnt covers. One for the Space-age fans, one for the Steam-Age fans. Both issued in an edition of 150 copies, numbered 1 to 150.
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VOCOKESH - Zufällige Übertragungen LP (PURE 16)
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