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Hyperbubble - Dee Dee Rocks The Galaxy (soundtrack) CD

Bands origin: San Antonio, TX, USA
Record title: Dee Dee Rocks The Galaxy
Format: 13-track CD Digi-Pack
Release date: 2015
Artwork: Hyperbubble

- Video Vortex
- Dee DeeĀ“s Theme
- My Life Stinks
- Cosmic Con Man
- Galaxy A Go-Go
- Kingdom Of Korg
- Instruments Of Doom
- Moog Maneuvers
- Planet Theremin
- Runaway Love Slave
- The Kill Zone Kid
- Showdown In Space
- Queen Of The Universe

Musicians on this record:
- Jess DeCuir
- Jeff DeCuir
Recording informations:

- Lyrics on "Showdown In Space" by Los Santitos
- Vocals by Elie Zinsmeister, Brant Bumpers, Justin Barlow

Movie notes:
- Actors: Elie Zinsmeister, Brant Bumpers, Justin Barlow
- Guest starring; Becky Stinemetze, Elise Lauderdale, Amanda Barlow
- Directed by Pete Barnstorm
- Costume design by Elise Lauderdale
- Cinematography by Wes Barlow
- Sound by David Stinemetze
- Prodiced by Paul Vaughn, Becky Stinemetze
- Exclusive Producer: Pete Barnstorm

- CD was released in the USA
- Watch the movie at:
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