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F/i - The Bootleg Sessions CDR

Band: F/i
Bands origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Record title: The Bootleg Sessions
Format: 6-track CDR, handmade covers
Release date: August 18, 2017
Artwork: Joachim Gaertner

- But They Still Have Weapons
- You Can´t Get It Here Pt.1
- You Can´t Get It Here Pt.2
- 860 Jamin Aye?
- Trauma In Sturgis
- Black Hole Spaghetti Western

Musicians on this record:
- Brian Wensing: guitar (all)
- Richard Franecki: bass (all)
- Grant Richter: electronics (all)
- Cary Grace: electronics (all)
- Rusty: drums (1-3)
- Jay Tiller: drums (4-6)

- limited to 60 copies
, 3 panel foldout, handmade