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PLX15 - same 8"

Band: PLX15
Bands origin: Bodø, Norway
Record title: same (no title)
Format: 8" metal acetate (rare japanese material)
Release date: August 2014
Edition: 15 copies, handmade covers
Artwork: Joachim Gaertner
- At Once
- De Sterke
- Der Klan
- Prrshshtt
Musicians on this record:
- Jon Hveding (guitars, vocals, Casio MT 45)
- Remi Langmo (organs, Moogs)
- Lars "Skjit-Lars" Nicolaysen (drums)
Recording informations:
- recorded at Cito Lydstudio June/July 2012 and July 2014

- all songs are mixed, mastered and produced by Lars Nicolaysen 07/14
Release informations:
- cut by Daniel Krieger at SST-Schneidetechnik Brüggemann, Frankfurt
2 pre-releases were made, also on 8" japanese metal acetate material, but different versions. Released: June 2013

PLX15 at the papers (Norway, July 2015)