Pure Pop For Now People

They Could Have Been Bigger Than EMI 3rd Edition Part 1 (2913)
3rd Edition Part 1 (2013) Europe

They Could Have Been Bigger Than EMI 3rd Edition Part 2 (2015)
3rd Edition Part 2 (2015) America, Australia, Asia, Africa

Yes, I won´t stop the work!
If you´re interested to fill some gaps or have ideas about defunct labels which has to be added, feel free to contact me.
I always prepare some "working sheets" which show you gaps and missing data.
This will follow soon on this page.

(4th) edition Part 1 will be a book about UK/Ireland only. Not before 2017. I´m still looking for people who wanna scan come covers or label-logos. A list of missing logos will be here for download soon (for all countries).

Part 2 will be Europe (except UK/Ireland). Probably 2018. There´s a really need for me to find people who can scan sleeves for me. IT´s hard to get into people collecting the european stuff, but I plan to have proper label-cover-pages and nice sleeves to show the world what happened outside the UK in Europe.

If you´re interested, please contact me before doing something.

But I also work on
Part 3 (USA/South America) and Part 4 (Australia, Asia, Africa) and every information is welcome.

People who run a now defunct label and have sleeves (with or without vinyl) left can send`em to me for a scan. It´s not really important if it´s rare one or a nowadays bargain. You´ll have to chance to get you former label-items shown in the book. No guarantee, but a chance.
Also I´m happy with every paragraph written about your label. Send it.