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Vocokesh - Seeing It From The Other Side LP

Band: Vocokesh
Bands origin: Milwaukee / Wisconsin (USA)
Record title: Seeing It From The Other Side
Format: longplay vinyl 12"
Release date: October 31st, 2011
Release date reissue: November 3rd, 2017
Edition: 200 copies / handmade heavy paper gatefold covers / black vinyl
Edition reissue: 150 copies / green vinyl /
different kind of sleeve
Joachim Gaertner / small graphic by Aubrey Beardsley
- Theme From "Get On The Train" (2:42)
- Jam In "D" (6:59)
- Act 2, Eddie Plays His Theremin (6:46)
- Seeing It From The Other Side (5:17)
- Joe Gets His Gun (8:35)
- Music For A Really Bad Spy Film (6:08)
- Take The Slow Train (7:08)
Musicians on this record:
- Richard Franecki (git, bass, sitar, electronics)
- John Helwig (git, bass)
- Jim Gawelski (drums, perc)
- Rusty (drums on "Music For A Really Bad Spy Film")
- Hal McGee (electronics, digital piano on "Act 2, Eddie Plays His Theremin")
Recording informations:
- recorded at various locations
- final production at the purple room, New Berlin, WI, USA
- produced by Grandpa Mix - all selections copyright 2011 Vocokesh

- 2 testpressings were made

the band