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Vocokesh - The Alchemist´s Tale LP

Band: Vocokesh
Bands origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Record title: The Alchemist´s Tale
Format: longplay vinyl 12"
Release date: December 20th, 2012
Edition: 300 copies / handmade covers / natural transparent vinyl some with black swirls, some close to black vinyl
Artwork: Joachim Gaertner
- Base Metal Blues (6:02)
- Doing A Slow Burn (10:26)
- The Fuzz God Awakens (6:44)
- The Four Elements (11:06)
- Otto mit dem Barte (3:05)
- The Philosopher´s Tone (8:53)
Musicians on this record:
- Richard Franecki (guitar)
- Tom Schnier (bass)
- Jim Gawelski (drums, percussions)
Recording informations:
- all sections composed and performed by Vocokesh
- recorded spring, summer and fall 2012
- produced by Grandpa "Voco" Mix
- "Otto mit dem Barte" read by Prof. Dave Evans

- 2 testpressings were made